4 Films

In celebration of March 8th, the Ramon Llull Institute offers exclusively to the entire #XarxaLlull community a four-film itinerary focusing on women.

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Available until March 31.
We hope you enjoy it!
The four films that make up this itinerary exemplify perfectly what we can consider a fact: that the so-called "Catalan Film New Wave" - what some have also named a possible "New School of Barcelona" - leans predominantly towards the feminine.

The progressive inclusion, consolidation, and recognition of women in all areas of cinematographic creation in the Catalan industry over the last decade is due to multiple factors - the role of film schools and festivals, social and legislative changes linked to the feminist movement, the ever-increasing presence of female producers, etc. - and has resulted in a new and dazzling generation of directors (Mar Coll, Carla Simón, Elena Martín, Neus Ballús, Clara Roquet, among many others) who have placed the diversity of the female experience at the center of their narratives.

Starting from a naturalistic aesthetic and narratives often written in the first person, these films offer a multifaceted and diverse view of what it means to live and experience the world as a woman. Teenage friendship and its traumatic end, the confusion inherent in youth, motherhood as a space of struggle with oneself, or old age and its solitudes are some of the themes addressed by the four films that make up this itinerary.

A varied selection - including a collective "school" film made by eight hands, a documentary with strong elements of fiction, a fiction (directed by the only male filmmaker in the program) filmed with typical documentary strategies, and an intimate and sensual story narrated from an absolutely irreducible feminine "I" - allows us to confirm another fact: that this "Catalan Film New Wave" is much more diverse, both in form and substance, than it appears at first glance.
María Adell Carmona (film crític