Bésame mucho

4 Films

Xavi García Puerto
Contemporary Spanish cinema revitalizes the universal theme of love and relationships with a unique perspective. Defying convention, it tackles uncertainty, social media, and postmodern romantic comedy, presenting characters who seek the eternal kiss.
Love, affections, relationships, encounters, or glances exchanged. The most 'touched upon' theme in the history of cinema receives a fresh 'touch'. Recent talent in Spanish cinema has managed to offer a new perspective when it seemed like the classic 'Boy meets girl' couldn't be revisited. With honesty, sincerity, and a sense of humor, they shake up clichés in the era of fluid relationships.
From the anticipation of continuous uncertainty and eternal adolescence, the burden of distance and the use of social media, non-normative relationships, or flipping the script on postmodernism in contemporary romantic comedy, they present us with a cast of characters who still want to be kissed, despite it all, as if it were the last time.