Rebels with a Cause

5 Films

Xavi García Puerto
New forms, the same language. When narrative expands, and talent finds new ways of storytelling in image and sound, authors propose an exciting challenge to the viewer. They are our Rebels with a Cause.

Telling stories in an unconventional way. To try new narratives. To take audiovisual language to the edge and stretch its margins to find own ways of telling in image and sound. All that, and more.

Spanish cinema has a long history of filmmakers experimenting with language and taking audiovisual further and shaking and questioning the mode of institutional representation. From the foundational Le chien andalou, the cabals of the explorer Val del Omar, the clearing of the artistic video of the 70's, through the playful and sharp radicalism of Pere Portabella. A seminal and referential base that has been multiplying, leaving a legacy of creative freedom to the current generation. Flirting with contemporary art, looking for the limits of the fourth wall, dissolving the limits of documentary by walking the edge between non-fiction and invention ... all are ways to take cinema to unexplored spaces, in which the spectator, in its surprise, is the most benefited.

Enjoying the audiovisual, breaking the rules, trying new ways of explaining old stories, challenging the viewer, are our Rebels with a Cause.

Xavi García Puerto