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Xavi García Puerto
The social changes that have affected Spain in recent years, and also the awareness of the global ones have been reflected by the new Spanish talent with a varied palette of styles and techniques, from animation to collective documentary, through cooperative production. A complete photography of the current state of the planet and its various conflicts with an approach full of hope.
The unstable and thorny history of the twentieth century in the Iberian Peninsula led to a social cinema that was not a genre per se, but more an exercise of metaphors and covert denunciations during outstanding creative periods. In a country in which crises are linked to each other, and in which the social elevator of the transition has become a mirage, the creators of the XXI century have been sensitive to this situation. Encouraged by the 15M revolt, by the small but great neighborhood struggles, as well as by the echoes of global movements such as climate change or the empowerment of women, contemporary directors have become aware, in a country, this time, also part of the global scenario of the great changes of the planet. And so, it has been reflected on screen, in a multiplicity of styles and wills, adapting to the uttered cry.

Historical memory, social inequalities, emergencies that devastate the world or the greater visibility of gender inequalities have been treated with as much diversity of languages as different sensitivities and claims are there. From the graphic novel made animation (Josep), to the borders of non-fiction that is transformed into collective communication with the viewer (Tódalas mulleres...) or a transcript of an Orwellian 'Black mirror' shot in a cooperative that surprised the festival circuit (The invisible hand) show us a polyhedral story of longings and utopias that shows not only what the country could have been, but what the world would like to be.

Xavi García Puerto